Global Business Culture Awareness: today’s workplace takes us all over the world both figuratively and literally. Know what to expect when doing business with globally, we will help you develop the skills to enable negotiation, cooperation, and communications with multi cultural counterparts. Equip your Managers/Staff with the cross-cultural soft skills to help them work more effectively in the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere in the Middle East. Receive comprehensive cross-cultural insights that cover business protocols, etiquette as well as Islamic protocols.

Business Set Up


Businesses who hope to profit from their trips to the Middle East rely on our 25 years of local experience. Due to investor-friendly legislation, a solid financial system, well-developed infrastructure for business, availability of varying resources, the UAE is an ideal business location. We can help you set up legally, licensing, or partnering with our wide network.

Orientation and Induction

Our Services are a ‘one-stop-shop for developing Business Protocols, Cultural and Social Intelligence. We hold Induction and Orientation Sessions that solve the problems associated with a multi-cultural workforce by developing Cultural Awareness. Have the competitive edge on your competitors

Our Quality Services


Our Promise:
Deliver a needs assessment and analysis
Develop an action plan with desired outcomes
Equip your staff with bettercommunication skills.
Orientation and Induction for new assignees
EXPO 2021 Protocols for pavilions

Relocation Management

Relocation Management. We can provide you with the logistical details of living in UAE or Saudi, when planning to relocate to the region. We provide practical information on WORKING & LIVING in the UAE such as housing, medical care, schools, and banking. We take on the search for car rental, housing, schools, etc. Business Set Up, VAT registration, freezones versus mainland license. 

Cultural Intelligence

Our powerful portfolio enables individuals and teams to thrive, we provide highly individualized support that is designed to help employees navigate through cultural adaptation and possible challenges in a multi national workplace.