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Global Business: Cultural and Behavioral Norms – present day workplaces takes us all over the World both figuratively and literally. As an international traveller or professional it is important to know what to expect when doing business with people internationally. 

Armed with the correct Cultural skills enables you to elevate business negotiation, cooperation, and communication. Having knowledge and cultural awareness enables success in your dealings with those from other countries and cultures. Equip your Managers/ Staff/ Electees/ Assignees with the cultural tools and soft skills to help them work more effectively in the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere in the Middle East.

Receive comprehensive Cross-Cultural and Inter-Cultural insights that cover business Protocols, and Conduct, as well as an insight on Islamic Protocols.

Business Protocol Services

Business Protocol Services workshops train electees, assignees, managers and individuals to understand and leverage cultural differences and distinctions for better cross-cultural collaboration within organizations and externally with clients. Businesses who hope to profit from their trips to the Middle East should have better cultural awareness. Our training and workshops focus on the principles of Cultural adaptation, conduct, impact of Islamic protocols and local customs. We will include differences in business styles, attitudes, development of business relationships, negotiating styles, gift-giving custom; greetings; significance of gestures and customs regarding titles.

Orientation and Induction Sessions

Business Protocol Services provides a one-stop shop for developing the necessary soft skills for Business Protocol, Cultural and Social Intelligence. A blended learning program of corporate Protocols combining cultural assessments, tools, tips and resources that will set you apart from other international companies. We hold Induction and Orientation Sessions so we can solve the problems associated with a multi-cultural workforce by  developing strong intercultural relationships

Our Quality Services


The Art of Training and our Promise:
• Deliver a needs assessment and analysis
• Develop an action plan with desired outcomes
• Develop  Cross-Cultural communication skills.

• Develop Personal image and presentation skills
• Develop Children’s Life skills
• Develop Business language skills
• Develop Middle Eastern Protocol  skills
• Develop Business Dining and Majlis know-how

Relocation Management

We can provide individuals with the logistical details of living in UAE or Saudi, cultural insights for individuals planning to relocate in the region. We provide practical information on  daily life, such as housing, medical care, recreation,  schools, childcare, banking. We ensure to highlight the characteristics of the region,  by alleviating the challenges that may exist for those travelling tor about to relocate to the Gulf region. We take on the search for car rental, temporary accommodation etc. We also offer Relocation Management for staff as well as Induction sessions and Emirati Orientation

Cultural Intelligence

Business Protocol’s powerful portfolio of tools enables individuals and teams to thrive by providing a structured approach to Inter-Cultural training.

We provide highly individualized coaching support that is designed to support employees navigating through cultural issues and challenges in the multi national workplace.