Business Protocol Services is an executive Business Protocol & Inter-Cultural training development centre. Established in Dubai by Maria Hall, a British expat based in Dubai, working with clients from all over the World. We offer face to face coaching, workshops, and in-house courses whereby, we help our clients build their Middle East presence, credibility, reputation, influence in regional businesses.

Equip your managers/staff with the Inter-Cultural tools and necessary soft skills to help them work more effectively in the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere in the Middle East. Receive comprehensive Inter-Cultural insights that cover Business Conduct, Islamic protocols  and Transition Management.

Master Trainer and Coach

Maria B. Hall – Official Bio

Maria Hall is the founder of Business Protocol Services. She is an executive coach and trainer who specializes in business Protocol, Intercultural Awareness, Youth Social Skills and English Language Teaching .

A British experienced Teacher and Trainer working with VIP, C-suite executives, and Board Level for over 20 years (Middle East) possessing extensive knowledge on all things related to Business performance and conduct in the Middle East, along with legal and compliance activities. Delivering  training activities related to corporate soft skills. Maria has specialized corporate expertise in inter-cultural relations as well as extensive knowledge of regional company and business set-up in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Single-handedly managed assessment centres and initiated Arabic psychometric testing with emphasis on cultural constraints as well as giving 360-degree feedback in Arabic and English. She has prepared Middle Eastern students for the British and American Schools by executing USA and UK curriculums. Maria also promoted the Foundation stage of the British curriculum in the British School in Saudi. Tutored privately Saudi and Emirati Nationals (VIP’s) in preparation for E.F.L certification, TOEFL and IELTS exams.

Maria works with senior to executive level clients from banking, law, governmental, education and finance to help them build business presence and improve their communication, cultural adaption, protocol in businesses in the Middle East.

Her love for Middle Eastern business Protocols began in previous jobs when she was frequently asked to cover overviews of conduct, Islamic Etiquette, communications and proper business attire advice for executives and board members. Her passion for Middle Eastern Protocols and Intercultural Awareness took hold and compelled Maria to start a consulting business to help others. Today, as a professional trainer and coach Maria has helped professionals, from executives to front-line staff, confidently  navigate business situations successfully.