business LANGUAGE for the global workplace

English is now the global language of business.We offer English Language Teaching for your management and/or their teams, preparing them for IELTS or upper immediate communications. Multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language in an attempt to facilitate communication and performance across geographically diverse functions and business endeavors.

In each industry such as Banking there are buzz words and terminology that employees may not be familiar with or cannot comprehend fully – our courses will bring the employee up to date by learning the terminology and even regional Business English. The benefits of “Englishnization,”  is significant. We can assist in  creating a  framework to guide companies in their language efforts sot that their assignees can communicate verbally and electronically with a more structured approach. 

Whether through education, employment, or living abroad, experiences and immersions give employees the confidence they need to succeed in using English in a business environment or whether socially with clients. 


Level: Intermediate or Upper Intermediate

This course plan helps learners improve their English for business or work tasks. We can tailor make courses according to your industry., we will incorporate real life business situations such as emails, online correspondence, business agendas etc. A range of topics, language areas and activities will be covered in relation to company industry. The course  can be used as a supplementary resource or as a standalone course.

Level: Intermediate

Use this course plan to help learners develop their business vocabulary. A diverse range of topics are covered. We provide plenty of opportunities for putting the new words and expressions into practice. The course plan can be used as a supplementary resource or as a standalone course. We can also audit and proofread your emails, correspondence and legal documents to ensure accuracy

We offer  ‘how to write efficient emails’, documentations, business correspondence etc. Prepare efficient meetings, upgrade your skills with specific phrases and terminology regardless of industry