expatriate services

Expat Services:

Lifestyle Induction to Dubai and Abu Dhabi – Our lifestyle management programs handle requests for celebrities, heads of state, royalty, and the illustrious VIP. Outsource your inconveniences and responsibilities. Trade them for freedom and flexibility.

customization – we offer a range of crucial services to suit your individual needs. 

What Clients Say:

“Maria has a ‘can do’ attitude no job is big or small enough. She gave great insights and tips for our VIP events and meetings. As a fluent Arabic speaker, she opened doors otherwise closed. We accessed unscheduled meetings. She attained last minute visas and upgrades.”   Amir CEO & VP Ecommerce

Business Development

Grab Business Opportunities •  Target the right Middle Eastern audience • Aim at permanent customers • Cultural insights for high profile meetings.

Dedicated Lifestyle solutions. We offer various services to high-ranking executives, CEO’s or VIPs, we offer great insights and elite choices for the seasoned traveller.

Elite Services

Tailor-made and comprehensive services to take care of your business communication and negotiation requirements. Our clients frequently ask for recommendations for our qualified business partners such as legal; VAT experts; real estate; IT and relocation management. We offer advice and suggestions based on our network of preferred partners. For VIPs we provide ‘confidentiality over compromise’.

Expat Relocation Services UAE:

Our ‘Expat Relocation Service” – we use our expatriate experience, bureaucracy knowhow delving into our established network of resources to help Dubai startups, expatriates and hiring, creating a personalized and effective relocation solutions for Companies and their expatriates employees. We help show Expats the best neighborhoods in UAE! Orientation is essential for Expats that have never been to the Middle East and need a crucial induction to life in UAE.

  • Education services for  expatriates children
  • Relocation services for startups 
  • Onboarding employees locally in UAE
  • Company registration , bank account opening, health insurance, and VAT TAX ID number, common insurances.
  • Job agency recommendations