coaching for individuals

One-On-One Business Protocol:

In our one-on-one coaching programs you will learn the critical skills of professional Middle East Protocols that will enable you to stand out as a leader in business whether internationally or in the Middle East. From workplace Protocols, to Professional Presence, to Communication, to Interpersonal and Inter-Cultural skills, our programs guide you to successfully engage with clients, stakeholders and employees so that you are able to handle  a myriad of professional situations.

Maria Hall works with established professionals as well as individuals beginning their professional career in the Middle East with different aspects of image, communication and appropriate code of conduct. Who has benefited from coaching?  young adults transitioning from college to the professional world, a business owner wanting to improve  relationship building skills, new teachers to the UAE who needs to understand Middle Eastern conduct and cultural norms , or  a sales person focused on strengthening their networking skills and assignees who need a general overview (Orientation to the UAE)

Most popular workshops are young middle eastern adults transitioning from college to the professional international arena,  or  a graduate embarking on a western education abroad and in need of guidance and understanding of western culture, dining and communication.

Key Learning Objectives of Business Etiquette Training course:

  • Dining Etiquette for Business or Social entertaining
  • In-person and online Networking skills (Techniquette)
  • Essential polished presence skills
  • Formal Business Meetings Protocol
  • Understanding communication styles and how to work with other styles effectively
  • Majlis Etiquette in UAE and Saudi
  • Defining Etiquette and Protocol
  • Guidelines on how to make effective introductions.
  • Identify the 3 C’s of making good impressions.
  • Differentiate between the dressy casual, semi-formal, formal and black tie dress code.
  • Social media Etiquette – To do and Taboo
  • Executive Presence – appropriate attire for every business situation
  • Visiting and receiving clients in the UAE
  • Forms of address and titles
  • Customer Service – Front line employees 
  • Confident body language and non-verbal communication
  • Gift Giving and Business Card Introductions.
  • Understand place settings, seating etiquette and basic table manners.
  • Understand the meaning of colours in gift giving (cultural awareness).


Diplomatic or VIP visits:

Our personalized consulting service, tailor-made to meet each client’s individual requirements, ensures our specific target courses to deliver training covering the following areas:

  • Assessment of protocol requirements
  • Securing key VIPs for events
  • Communication and liaison with VIP’s office
  • Pre-event meeting and preparation/briefing of staff
  • Reception and hosting of VIP’s
  • Seating plans
  • Planning and directing of official photo sessions
  • Flag ceremonies
  • Anthems

Coaching Individuals or Small Groups:

Coaching takes place in-person at the client’s office or their preferred venue. Meetings can be conducted via Zoom . The amount of time needed for coaching is decided after a thorough needs assessment and analysis that has been conducted with the client remotely or face to face.

Typically, coaching packages are 3, 5 or 8 hours long, with each session being no less than three hours. Coaching sessions include analysis, consulting, feedback and role plays. Materials and booklets will be retained by the Client for easy reference and implementation.