BUSINESS PROTOCOL SERVICES offers a variety ofworrkshops, classes and seminars as well as individual consulting, providing individualized training that is designed to support employees navigating through cultural issues and challenges in the workplace. Our one-on-one coaching programs,  such as critical and professional Protocol skills, so you stand out as a leader in the corporate arena. From workplace Etiquette; to Communication;  Interpersonal skills; and Cultural awareness, our programs gear you for success with clients, stakeholders and employees, helping you convey confidence in a myriad of professional situations.

We ensure 100% focus on meeting the needs of learners,  individuals, teams, and resident expats. Sessions can be delivered on a one-off basis or as part of a longer-term functioning plan, after proper assessment and analysis.  The length of each coaching objective to be assessed along with desired outcomes.

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About Maria Hall

Maria Hall Founder of Business Protocol Services. She is an executive Trainer who specializes in Corporate Protocol with an emphasis on Middle Eastern business conduct and negotiation styles. .Maria has gained knowledge and insight into Middle Eastern Protocols, cultural and working practices with an emphasis on cultural norms, social variations and nuances in the Middle East arena and how their impact on client relations can be the difference between successfully conducting, negotiating and closing business deals in Dubai or regionally.

Over the years within her career she has gained experience working within private, public and academic sectors, conducting education workshops as a psychometric assessor and private tutoring to royal family members and prominent families.

Maria works with senior to executive level clients from banking, law, accounting, and health care to help them build business presence and improve their communication, presence, etiquette and inter-cultural skills applicable to the Middle East region.

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