Corporate Protocol Programme

Delegates are introduced to the meaning of Business Protocol and Etiquette in an academic setting. We start the delegates with a solid  foundation, explaining and outlining concisely the definition of Corporate Protocol and Etiquette Internationally and in the Middle East .

The most practical transition  would be to introduce  a typical corporate environment in the Middle East, demonstrating the importance of having proper conduct and good manners within normal business dealings  alternatively we will guide delegates the necessary code of conduct when interacting with top tier individuals and VIP’s. In short – To Do and the Taboos. 

Training Topics

Corporate Presence – First Impressions
   a. International Executive Image
   b. Executive and Corporate “You”
Networking with ease within the Middle East
Meeting Etiquette in the Middle East
Dining Etiquette – Business lunch/dinner. Majlis Etiquette
Expo 2021 – Relationship Building – Tradeshows
Business Etiquette & Protocol in the GCC/ International Etiquette & Protocol
Social Intelligence – Cultivating a culture of respect
Communications in Middle Eastern Business
Cultural Intelligence/Transition Management