Business Culture in Dubai

Cultural differences in a multi-national workplace in the UAE, are you aware of them?

In today’s borderless workplace, the business focus on diversity has shifted from compliance to value-creation. Business Protocol Services develops the capacity to connect and build productive relationships in a culturally diverse workplace.

Who? The key to being successful in international business is to understand the role of inter- cultural variances and nuances. Our Inter/Cross-Cultural Specialist & Trainer Maria Hall shares useful information to help professionals succeed at work by aiding an understanding of the role of cultural manners and contexts.  Cultural ignorance can have a direct impact on profitability when there is a lack awareness of  social nuances and required conduct.

Our Solutions are focused on:

  1. Inter-Cultural Skills for expats
  2. International assignees 
  3. Global virtual teams
  4. Travelling Business professionals
  5. Multi-cultural effective interactions and networking.
  6. Effective dress codes and attire

How? Improving your level of knowledge of regional Protocols & Inter-Cultural skills enables you to gain a competitive advantage so that  your company  connects with sensitivity to regional cultural and religious connotations.

Why? The international professional will be able to  distinguish themselves from the competition on an international scale;  develop and maintain successful business interactions; project a positive and respectful image; exude a professional presence; be able to build a culturally diverse team in a multicultural environment. Training key employees on the intricacies of foreign corporate protocol clients will definitely notice and respond positively. 

Cultural understanding of the Middle East. 

Training and Courses:

Our Business Protocol Inter-Cultural Specialist  Maria Hall shares useful information to help anyone to succeed in expat business set up. Focus areas:

  1. Middle Eastern Business Protocol development
  2. Business and Legal set up in the UAE 
  3. Preparation before major stakeholder’s meetings
  4. Middle Eastern Relationship-building and Networking strategies
  5. Building Reputation within UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia
  6. Islamic Protocol Awareness

Protocol and Etiquette Courses:
Module 1.    Business Manners, Protocol
Module 2.    Professional Presence
Module 3.    Business in the Middle East
Module 4.    Online Communications or Netiquette 
Module 5.    Business in a Social Setting
Module 6.    International Protocol Awareness
Module 7     Diplomatic Protocol – Receiving or Visiting VIPs in the region

Cultural Intelligence In A Multi-National Workforce

How can Cultural Intelligence help International companies in the Middle East?

Dubai is a fast paced, multi-cultural business world, where companies have employees from all over the World. This diverse workforce can be a competitive advantage, but only when your staff is armed with the right tools to understand cultural perspectives and expectations.

Developing Cultural Intelligence in Everyday Business

How can Cultural Intelligence help International companies in the UAE?  A diverse workforce can actually be a competitive advantage, especially when your staff understand cultural perspectives and expectations. Along with the benefits of cultural insight, organizations will not face  stumbling blocks when it comes to integrating into the multi-cultural Dubai, a fast paced business arena. 

Our program will enhance global awareness of High versus Low Context Cultures, intra-cultural awareness and improved communication skills, to enable successful business interactions in the UAE.

Orientation and Induction to the UAE Workshops

We tailor make  and conduct cross-cultural sessions & inter-cultural intelligence training: 
for individuals and corporate to help them manage multicultural work force
• Orientation and Cultural Awareness Sessions presenting UAE Culture and inductions
• Offering Cultural Tours in historical areas around Dubai and Abu Dhabi
• Providing Consultancy Services for media agencies  considering religious sensitivity
•  Demonstrating the Emirati lifestyle, art and hospitality

Communication is the key to success for any business, particularly when you are operating internationally it becomes even more important due to language barriers.

In simple terms, if you are aware of the customer’s cultural background, then you will be able to adopt better and more suitable marketing advertising methods.

Body language is another key factor in cultural difference. Most countries will have different ways to convey or share their message, it is very important to know what your body language should be doing when interacting with people such as business partners, international customers and regional employees.

Attitudes and values are the very foundation of every country’s culture. Cultural influences, attitudes and behaviours vary within and across Arabian nations and are strongly embedded in their communities. It is key to make a concerted effort to learn the basics of interactions. 


Cultural assessment is an essential starting point for developing cultural intelligence. Business Protocol Services’ portfolio of tools enables individuals and teams to thrive by providing them with a structured approach. Sessions can be delivered that meets the needs of individuals, teams, and resident expats.

Business Protocol Services provides individualized training that is designed to support employees navigating cultural issues and challenges in the workplace. As a cultural specialist and seasoned Business Protocol and Etiquette trainer specific to the Middle East, we can deliver sessions either as part of a short term or long-term functioning plan to meet the needs of individuals, teams, and resident expats.

As an experienced specialist trainer who understands the cross-cultural challenges businesses face today. Maria conveys impactful learning experiences that will be supported by practical business insights.

Face to Face Workshops
Maria is happy to perform at your facilities.

In-person workshop options:
1-3-hour workshops
One-day workshops
Two-day workshops
Corporate retreats
Prices for in-person workshops prices given per person (minimum 10 people).

Customizing training  is  geared towards your company needs. We can design and deliver solutions that addresses real business challenges in a multi-cultural environment.

  1. Broadening international awareness and inter-cultural intelligence
  2. Understanding diverse business customs
  3. Creating low and high-context  strategies based on variable cultural dimensions
  4. Mastering international conversations and non-verbal communicational skills
  5. Learning how to enhance teamwork in an international environment
  6. Differences in  workplace rules and regulations.

Cultural Key Factors and Considerations

It is important to be aware of certain protocols and conduct in the Arabian Gulf region that may differ from other parts of the Middle East, key factors that may have a direct impact on business:

Communication is the key to success for any business, particularly internationally it becomes even more important due to language barriers.

Cultural Background – In simple terms, if you are aware of the customer’s cultural background, then you will be able to adopt better and more suitable methods of approach.

Body language – different regions have different ways to convey messages, it’s important to know how to adapt body language when interacting with your international counterparts.

Cultural Research – conduct research to become aware of your target audience since client demand, decision making, gender views and ideologies vary greatly in the Middle East.

Cultural Values – Attitudes, behaviours and values are the foundation of each culture. Cultural influences and behaviours vary within and across the Middle East in particular conservatism in the GCC.