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Global Business: Cultural and Behavioral Norms -today’s workplace takes us all over the world both figuratively and literally.Knowing something about the various cultures and what to expect when doing business with those in other countries will help with negotiation, cooperation, and communication in general. The more you know, the easier it becomes to besuccessful in your dealings with those from other countries and cultures. Equip your Managers/Staff with the cross-cultural tools and necessary soft skills to help them work more effectively in the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere in the Middle East. Receive comprehensive cross-cultural and inter-cultural insights that cover business protocols, etiquette as well as Islamic protocols.

Training, Teaching and Coaching Services

Business Protocol Services workshops train leaders, managers and individuals to understand and leverage cultural differences and distinctions for better cross-cultural collaboration within organizations and externally with clients. Businesses who hope to profit from their trips to the Middle East should learn about the culture and customs, our trainings and workshops focus on the principles ofCultural adaptation; conduct,Islamic protocolsand local customs.We will include differences in business styles; attitudes; development of business relationships; attitudes toward punctuality; negotiating styles, gift-giving custom; greetings; significance of gestures and customs regarding titles.

Business Protocol Services

Business Protocol Services provides a one-stop shop for developing the necessary soft skills for Business Protocol & Etiquette, English Language for Business as well as Cultural and Social Intelligence. A blended learning program of corporate Protocol & Etiquette combining cultural assessments, tools, tips and resources that allow you to tackle business cultural challenges that will enable you to gain a competitive advantage that will set you apart from other international companies.



Business Protocol Services arms you with the necessary soft skills that allow you to leverage cultural differences and develop better cross-cultural collaboration.

Business Set Up

We provide highly individualized coaching support that is designed to support employees navigating cultural issues and challenges in the workplace. Our coaches are cultural experts.

Cultural Intelligence

Business Protocol powerful portfolio of tools enables individuals and teams to thrive by providing a validated and structured approach focused on each user’s unique attributes.

Cultural Intelligence in every Business

How can Cultural Intelligence help International companies in the Middle East?

Dubai is a fast paced, multi-cultural business world, where companies have employeesfrom all over the world. This diverse workforce can be a competitive advantage, but only when your staff is armed with the right tools to understand cultural perspectives and expectations.

Cultural differences in a multi-national workplace in Dubai, are you aware of them?

A key to being successful in international business is to understand the role of cross- cultural variances. Business Etiquette and Protocol Specialist Maria Hall shares useful information to help anyone to succeed at work, focus areas include:

  • Middle Eastern Business Protocol and Etiquette coaching and development
  • How to conduct business and set up in the UAE.
  • Communication and preparation before major stakeholder’s Meetings
  • Middle Eastern relationship-building and networking strategies
  • Building credibility and reputation within UAE and Saudi Arabia
  • Awareness of Islamic Protocols whilst doing business in the region.

Communication is the key to success for any business, particularly when you are operating internationally it becomes even more important due to language barriers.

In simple terms, if you are aware of the customer’s cultural background, then you will be able to adopt better and more suitable marketing advertising methods.

Body language is another key factor in cultural difference. different countries willhave different ways to convey or share their message, it very important to know what your body language should be doing when interacting with people such as business partner.

Attitudes and values are the foundation of every country’s culture. Cultural influences, attitudes and behaviours vary within and across Arab nations and strongly embedded in communities.