We will guide you through culinary concepts from around the World, enhancing your multi-cultural training and sharpening your dining skills with Hands-on dining tutorials:

  • Business dining in Western Europe
  • Business dining in the Middle East 
  • Business dining in Asia
  • Navigating complex international place settings
  • Understanding the various protocols of dining with your hands
  • The art of dining conversation
  • The seating dilemma
  • The ordering dilemma
  • Handling formal dining mishaps
  • Silent service code
  • When to begin eating – at what point/signalled by whom
  • Host/Co-host/Guest responsibilities of business entertaining
  • Restaurant etiquette
  • Do’s and don’ts of dining
  • Handling the cheque skilfully!

Middle Eastern Corporate Dining

This course covers proper behavior in a business meal setting and creates the awareness of the importance of table manners since history.

  • Posture at the table and napkin etiquette.
  • The importance of the setting
  • Step-by-step knowing how to use the table wares
  • Dealing with table codes
  • Tips on how to eat difficult food
  • When to start and finish eating
  • Do’s and Don’ts


Which fork goes with the salad and why do I have so many spoons? Which glass is for water and which one is for wine? These are just a few of the questions that you’ll hear from clients regarding dining etiquette. This type of training is often done “hands-on” in a dining environment, so clients can learn by doing. Private dining etiquette consultations are highly requested, according to many etiquette consultants

Entertaining for Business

Trainees learn the protocol of preparing a proper invitation and organization of a corporate event. The course covers important topics such as:

  • Introduction to different kinds of invitation
  • Entertaining at a restaurant
  • Being the host/ Being the guest
  • Cocktail parties
  • Formal Sit-down dinner
  • Seating arrangement
  • Service ruler

The spouse’s role (a special 4-hour course for executives’ wives can be offered in which they will learn on how to prepare their invitations with all the details such as form of invitation formal or informal, guest lists, written invitation with initiation to correspondence etc.