Principles of Social Etiquette versus Business Protocol.

  • Business Etiquette and Protocols: Royal versus VIPs.
  • European Business Etiquette
  • North American Business Etiquette
  • Body language – Verbal and Non-Verbal clues
  • International considerations on the effects of religious conduct
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We will take you through an international culinary journey, enhancing a multi-faceted training in  international dining platform with  hands-on dining tutorials and practice in 5* hotel settings:

  • Business dining in the Middle East 
  • Dining with VIPS and dignatories
  • Business dining Western 
  • Navigating through complex international place settings


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Learn how to create a successful international business image to ensure lasting impressions.

  • Business Trip Protocols
  • Cultural dress codes in Asia and Middle East
  • Middle East dress code and local customs
  • After-hours business-related attire
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Communicational Etiquette and Protocol . We shall encompass communications in social settings as well as per the business arena. 

  • Communication in social settings
  • Conversational skills, telephone  and email etiquette 
  • Communication in VIP or high level arenas
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International Protocol covers how to interact with people from foreign countries. The reasons Protocol is being used by professionals doing business overseas or hosting an international guest.

  • Proper Introductions
  • Business card protocol Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Personal zone/space
  • Professional Image
  • Gestures and non verbal
  • Logistical planning of events
  • Flag and emblems
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Earning customer trust.  Impact of poor service/ loyalty. Maintaining and improving customer service from a cultural perspective. 

  • Powerful words when communicating with your clients and customers
  • Tips for cultural regional advertising.
  • Training retail employees.
  • Dealing with difficult people.
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How to conduct a successful meeting. Different types of meetings. Setting the venue when abroad. The right seating arrangement. The day and the hour before the meeting

  • How to start and end the meeting
  • Sample of meeting plans/agenda’s minutes
  • Meeting room check list
  • Boardroom etiquette
  • Dos and don’ts….
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Cultural Variations in Negotiation Style

High Context V Low Context Styles:

  • High context transactions feature pre-programmed information 
  • Low context transactions 
  • Adapting communication and negotiation styles
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