ABC = Approachable, Business-like, Conformity

Learn how to create a successful International business image that propels you into a seasoned  professional, irrespective of the industry and locational settings.

You will discover the characteristics of an internationally well-dressed professional by increasing your knowledge of: 

  • Respectful international attire for the globe-trotting professional
  • The various levels of ‘business casual’ and ‘smart casual’
  • How to say “I am a professional” when the dress code is casual
  •  Attire to avoid in business environments internationally
  • Accessories and grooming
  • After-hours business-related dress-codes
  • Packing for business trips
  • Cultural dress codes in the Middle East
  • Cultural dress codes in Asia
  • Other business-related dress-codes
  • Colour coding and what they mean in certain countries

Corporate Protocol & Etiquette is crucial for conducting oneself in the right and professional manner in a business environment. The right Business Image adopted by an individual can make them more professional, likable, polite, courteous and approachable. How you dress, the art of portation, standing or sitting positions and social space are also crucial aspects of Corporate Presentation and Presence