Meeting Etiquette

How to Conduct a Successful Meeting

  • Getting the Meeting – How to get the impossible meeting with the much sought-after client.
  • Planning a meeting
  • Different type of meetings
  • Setting the venue and Agenda
  • Dietary considerations for religious and cultural adaptions
  • The right seating arrangement- how, when, when, where, why and who should be seated first?
  • How to start and end the meeting
  • Sample of meeting plans/agenda’s minutes
  • Meeting room check list
  • Boardroom Etiquette including introductions, business card exchange, hands placement and interruptions
  • Dos and don’ts

How to conduct a successful meeting externally

  • How to properly prepare an oral presentation
  •  Cross-cultural considerations
  • The speaker and Introductions
  • Know your audience and geographic adaptations
  • Dos and don’ts
  • Mastering Q&A

Middle Eastern Corporate Dining

This course covers proper behavior in a business meal setting and creates the awareness of the importance of dining manners in a majlis, home or formal setting.

  • Posture at the table and napkin etiquette.
  • The importance of the setting
  • Step-by-step knowing how to use the table wares
  • Dealing with table codes
  • Tips on how to eat difficult food
  • When to start and finish eating
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Managing mishaps


Which fork goes with the salad and why do I have so many spoons? These are just a few of the questions that are often asked by clients regarding international dining Etiquette. This type of training is often done “hands-on” in a dining environment, so clients can learn by doing. Private dining etiquette consultations are highly requested prior to an international formal setting

Entertaining for Business

Trainees learn the proper Protocol of preparing a formal invitation and the essential etiquette and organization of a corporate event. The course covers important topics such as:

  • Introduction to different kinds of invitation
  • Entertaining at a restaurant
  • Being the host/ Being the guest
  • Cocktail parties
  • Formal Sit-down dinner
  • Seating arrangement
  • Service ruler

The spouse’s role (a special 2-hour course for executives’ wives are offered so they learnhow to prepare their invitations along with guiding throughdetails such as form of invitation formal or informal, guest lists, written invitation with initiation to correspondence etc.